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Project Development, Financing & Management

ALSET is an international company based in the Western Balkans that helps public and private contracting authorities to develop, finance, and manage projects in the field of:

Water management

Waste management

Energy management

ALSET provides the technology and institutional expertise needed to successfully complete projects in compliance with EU standards and to benefit from the EU Green Deal.

Coming up with original, operational solutions together

Our multi-skills, multi-cultural team works closely with a network of specialised consultants to make sure each project moves smoothly through the design, fund sourcing, construction and operating stages:

  • Strategic and technical surveys, project feasibility
  • Project management
  • Business development
  • Fund sourcing support and financial packages

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ALSET is an initiative of a team of experts which believe projects can be executed better, more efficient and with higher quality whilst in compliance with national and international requirements.

We bring together a synergy of:

Our operations are focused on the Western Balkan area, including:

Areas of expertise

ALSET contributes its experience and know-how in implementing European standard infrastructure. Working for private and public contracting authorities, ALSET ensures precise, measurable objectives are met in the following skill areas.

Water management

Water resources and irrigation

Flood control

River hydraulics


Integrated water resource management

Water supply

Drinking water and industrial water treatment plants

Water supply and distribution systems

Pumping stations


Wastewater treatment plants

Wastewater collection systems and pumping stations

Sludge treatment and management

Water recycling and reuse

Waste management

Rounded image of a worker wearing protection material while working in a waste management facility

Waste management and sorting

Solid waste processing and recovery

Waste to energy

Energy management


Solar and wind farms

Planning and energy performance

Our services

From initial development to commissioning, ALSET delivers its know-how across all phases of a project:

Operating in the Western Balkans for a long time, our experts are perfectly familiar with the local setting and wield in-depth knowledge of market conditions. Companies looking to develop their export businesses can benefit from all our experience.

Our Team

Our core team consists of experts with long standing experience both in the region and the technology field we focus on. The team brings the following expertise:

Values & Commitment

Our ambition is to contribute to the development of infrastructures and services that meet European standards.

Our expertise and local presence enable us to develop synergies between regional players and the best international experts. We seek economic performance for the projects we work on throughout their lifecycle. Our in-depth knowledge of European regulations and procedures enables us to support our clients in compliance with the institutional framework applicable in the region and European procurement rules.

Our Commitments

  • Optimised financing
  • Deadlines met
  • Basic services at the level of the best European standards, considering local characteristics

Our Values


Agile and responsive, our teams share a precise vision of the objectives set and spare no effort in achieving them. To ensure a productive result, we overcome all obstacles to deployment and attentively make sure that quality, cost and deadlines remain on target.


We rely on the resources and skills of a superlative talent network:

  • Technical expertise: water and waste process engineers, hydraulics specialists, hydrogeologists, electromechanical engineers, automation experts, etc.
  • Financial expertise: economists, project funding consultants, etc.


Protected by non-disclosure agreements, the data sent to us is handled with the same degree of care ALSET takes with its own confidential information. Our activities are in line with the internationally applicable rules of ethics and compliance (Loi Sapin II in France, UK Bribery act, …)

Mutual exchange

ALSET contributes its expertise and network to local project leaders. ALSET is also a loyal partner for private investors looking to explore and support new export markets and projects.

We make sure each project progresses smoothly through the design, fund sourcing, construction and operating stages. We provide our services to:

Public contracting authorities

  • Local government bodies
  • Public bodies

Private clients

  • Engineering and consulting firms
  • General contractors
  • Private developers
  • Investors